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Pre-paid funeral plans are an easy way to ensure that all your wishes are fulfilled when you pass away. At E Bush Funeral Directors, we provide affordable and customisable funeral plans that allow you to take care of costs with a schedule that suits you. We work throughout Gateshead and Newcastle and aim to make funeral plans affordable and accessible.

We are available at all times to provide advice and to discuss confidentially arrangements for funerals to take place at a future date. It is a natural concern to wish to ensure that those we love are spared some of the decisions that follow death. Also, those with no immediate family can put in hand the final details of their life, secure in the knowledge that their wishes will be faithfully attended to.

If, in addition, you wish to make financial provision to cover such arrangements, we will be happy to discuss with you, and provide details of, Golden Charter Pre-payment funeral plans. These plans are flexible whilst allowing complete control over the style of funeral you may require.

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Our funeral plans take into consideration all of your wishes, special requests and preferences. From religious traditions to unique and personal things that distinguish who you are, we can incorporate it exactly as you wish in your plan. Our Gateshead and Newcastle team offers differing levels of cremation and burial plans to suit your needs.

Customisable Funerals

At E Bush Funeral Directors, we’re passionate about ensuring that all funeral plans are tailored to your wishes. By arranging a funeral in advance, you’re able to lessen the financial burden and stress on loved ones when the time comes. Our funeral plans are completely personalised to you, with affordable payment options available to suit your budget.

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