Headstone and vase in a cemetery

Creating High-quality Headstones In Gateshead From the simple and elegant to those that tell a detailed story, headstones are as unique as each person they’re dedicated to. At E Bush Funeral Directors, our Gateshead and Newcastle professionals work with local memorial masons to create headstones that will serve as a permanent memorial to your loved…

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Sea burial

Celebrate Life With A Sea Burial In Gateshead A funeral at sea can be moving, unique and memorable, honouring the life of your loved one and reconnecting them with nature. At E Bush Funeral Directors, our Gateshead and Newcastle funeral directors specialise in organising sea burials. From meaningful spots to picturesque locations, organise a sea…

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A cardboard bio-degradable eco-coffin, casket isolated on white with a clipping path

Eco-funerals In Gateshead Looking after our environment has never been more important, that’s why in recent years personalised eco-funerals have grown in popularity. The team at E Bush Funeral Directors are happy to talk you through your options if you’re considering an eco-funeral for a loved one. With a range of environmentally sustainable options our…

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