Creating High-quality Headstones In Gateshead

From the simple and elegant to those that tell a detailed story, headstones are as unique as each person they’re dedicated to. At E Bush Funeral Directors, our Gateshead and Newcastle professionals work with local memorial masons to create headstones that will serve as a permanent memorial to your loved one.

Working With Local Memorial Masons
With well-developed relationships across Gateshead and Newcastle, our professionals work with local memorial masons to produce high-quality memorials and headstones dedicated to your loved one. You can count on the quality, durability and reliability of the headstones created by our trusted memorial masons across the local region.

Expert Advice & Local Knowledge
The team at E Bush Funeral Directors are well-paced to provide expert advice on the memorials and headstones which can be erected across the different cemeteries throughout Gateshead and Newcastle. Our team will ensure that you have all the relevant information needed to make an informed decision about the memorial you want to create for your loved one.