Eco-funerals In Gateshead

Looking after our environment has never been more important, that’s why in recent years personalised eco-funerals have grown in popularity. The team at E Bush Funeral Directors are happy to talk you through your options if you’re considering an eco-funeral for a loved one. With a range of environmentally sustainable options our Gateshead team can help

Woodland & Green Burials
Specialising in eco-funerals and green burials, we’re able to facilitate a wide range of funeral service requests with the option of woodland burials. Whether your loved one had a commitment to environmental sustainability or a love for the land, a green burial can be a great way to celebrate their life.

Plan A Meaningful Eco-funeral
E Bush Funeral Directors are committed to providing services for all religious beliefs across Gateshead and throughout Newcastle. We will work with you to plan an eco-funeral that will honour and celebrate life while incorporating the wishes and values of your loved one.